Why We’ve Changed The Look Of The Site

So as you can see we have a sightly different look to the site which we introduced on Independence Day.


The new look was, well, long overdue and we had been working on a more complex version of the site for long. The previous version which had

As with such a project it is hamstrung by the need to create the ‘perfect’ site which meant it kept getting pushed back. We had loads of proposals for a new look and well some were ugly and others impractical.

Then two things happened.

First, we decided to think like a startup. To think of this as the first version of the site. We went back to founding value of the website which was to get people to read. The first port of call was re-imagining the way we see ourselves which led to changing the name of the site. We went from Three Men On a Boat to 3-mob.com and the tag line was simply, Read More.  Carl Joshua Ncube swagged it up with a crisp new logo.

In that was born the desire to find ways in which we could people to simply read. So the basics, mobile friendly with very few add-ons for now. We will add those later. We wanted to start the look and feel from scratch. Add to user experience.

Then second was a bombshell from Google. From 21 April it will start penalising websites which are not mobile friendly. Penalties, well we do not like so we had to behave very quickly.

There are many products we have been working on and over the next couple of week so expect the site to break from time to time for very short periods as we make sure that we create the experience we want you to have.

Some of the changes will be subtle. So you might not even see them. Otherwise will be like erm… yeah you know, like you know when Facebook does something with your timeline and you just want to pull your hair out? Yes, those.

The changes we have implemented to so far have opened us up to great new possibilities with more opportunities for stakeholders. The ability o think fresh and like a child does that to you.

We’re excited. let’s have fun with this.

  • Julie Barnes

    Love the new logo! Look forward to seeing what more you have in store for us readers!