Why Men Are Finding It Increasingly Hard To Get Married

The default pop-psychology life and its alliterations tell you that the reason men are not married is because they do not want to commit.

jcoterhals / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

It is written as the scripture for all men. It’s that finish and klaar.

Talking to an increasing number of frustrated urbanites in Harare, getting married is becoming a complex jitsu life.

This by the way is not to suggest that a lot of men are not afraid of commitment and want as much to do with it as a hernia or woman wants to be associated with a dermoid cyst.

The new facts are that women run too much game now. Not all  by the way but a huge section of the urbane woman aspires to be like the traditional rear-end of a man. They are turning into that guy that no mother loves her son to be. In fact that guy that no serious man wants to be. And the mind games are now on overload.

So now you have this huge potent mix of men and women who all want to be weird hominids with no sense or idea of both what they want or what the other person can be.

We do not look at each other as individual human beings anymore but with these new excesses in cynicism. We applaud pillocks over basic human decency.

Simple things must be realised in that when you say all men cheat you are saying your father, son, brother and everything by virtue of it being in possession of a penis is incapable of decency. That is a dangerous statement.

Your son will now grow into a world where he saw you cheat and now believes this to be the norm perpetuating a cycle where we get dehumanised.

More victims. More villains.

The monsters we create.

  • Conquistador

    You overdid it. It seems as if somewhere along the way in your article, you lost sense of what you were supposed to be writing about and how best to convey it. If this was a literary essay to be read by scholars for scholars, lol like Marechera, then maybe i’d not be complaining. But this is an article on why men arent marrying on Three men on a boat. It is supposed to be easy to read and understood, without losing it’s satire.

    Basically, this article was shit and the editor needs to review the content they put up here more.