Of Call Girls At High Class Hotels

A smartly dressed girl walks into the foyer of a local five-star hotel and sits in the lobby. She orders a cake and a hot beverage. In her hand is a book, a phone and on the rare occasion a laptop.

To everyone and their cousin she is just waiting for a meeting or simply treating herself to coffee and cake. That is possible. Many a woman will go there and places of the same sort for reasons no-one will flown upon.

Not this girl though. Soon enough a call comes. She calmly walks to the elevator and makes her way upstairs. She returns after an hour, jumps into a cab and disappears into the night.

Now this girl is not your regular hooker. She has a job. She is most likely to be living with parents or in a very healthy relationship. However, she chooses to supplement her salary by taking that other business on the side. More often than not she is pimped by someone who makes the whole transaction possible. So she doesn’t have to hustlle for clients. They are provided for her.

What you will find is that the pimp or madam is often sitting in the area, making sure that the product is in full view. Before she goes upstairs the call girl does not talk directly to her client much. The pimp does all the work, collects a commission and the call girl makes her way upstairs to provide the service.

In some instances the pimp approaches other women who are not on her books and offers them an immediate deal. What is offered is dependent on how much a client is willing to pay. It may be anything from $400 dollars to… well, how long is a piece of string?

This sort of behaviour is not uncommon the rest of the world. There is no suggestion that the hotel itself endorses this sort of behaviour. As long as the call girl and her pimp look decent and are getting up to their business discreetly without being a nuisance then there is not much that they can do about it. It is not as if they can ask everyone what their intentions are as they walk in.

Neither is it likely that the sellers of wares will admit what their intentions are.

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    LMAO! Let the people have sex! Hehehehe….