What Could Have Happened Between Tudor Bismarck & Java, Angel?

Respected religious leader Tudor Bismarck issued a stinging message yesterday in which he disassociated himself with the flamboyant Uebert Angel Mudzanire and Passion Java.


In it he said:

These individuals are Passion Java and Uebert Angel, both of whom use the title of Prophet. These two individuals are not affiliated with Chichi and I, our church New Life Covenant Church, our International Ministry Network, Jabula New Life Ministries, and Tudor Bismark Ministries. In the past, I have met with both men for brief meetings, and our interactions had been peripheral at best.

We – Chichi and I, and the ministries under our covering – do not endorse Passion Java and Uebert Angel, nor do we fellowship with them in any way. We have not sent them nor do they represent us in any capacity.

Strong words from the man who tends to stay away from controversy and that sort of thing. He has had no scandal or anything of that sort and for him to come out like that, something must have gone down.

We just wonder what happened for him to come out and spit fire. There is some speculation on social media as to what would have happened.

What we do know is that there seems to be a lot of support for Bismark  and not just from his followers.

A few did suggest that this was a provocation to see how they would respond. You can see how they might think that given the church wars at the moment. However the track record of Bismark will still lead many to dismiss that.

So what do we think happened? Your guess is as good as ours unless you are in the inner circle.

  • Love King

    Well, someone is jealous…