Warning For Those Rastas Who Like Foreign White Girls

So we know our rasta brethren are into jungle fever and those girls who come all the way from their countries are also into the same thing.

Sure, the reasons differ. The men want to escape poverty from Zimbabwe. Either they are going to milk the poor girl or they will get married and move with the girl out of the country. Either way, they are getting their stuff in order.

Now there is a story that made the media the other day about 21 year-old Victoria Falls man who is knee-deep in it because of his Dutch lover.

The thing is, this dutch lover did not have any issue with sleeping with the young man in question. She was having her African adventure and it seems as the two even said they loved each other.

Until the boy in question had anal sex with her, without her consent. Steed Ernest Rice had sex with Emy [surname withheld on request], the dutch tourist and then started demanding anal sex. She gave in after constant demand – why a dude would force a girl to have anal sex we have no idea – but it was uncomfortable. She went and told the police and now he’s in trouble.

The lesson for my rasta brethen is that these girls can read and know their rights. There is no evidence that Rice was rasta – in fact he may be white – but we know how our brothers roll.

The police equivalent of Sabau in Harare for that area Matabeleland North police provincial spokesperson Assistant Inspector Siphiwe Makonese said:

I want to warn males that if a female feels like not having any form of sex, they should not force them or they will face the wrath of law.

Wrath of the law she said. Yes wrath. Google that to see what it means.

  • I see you have decided to take a racist angle on that story. In the finest tradition of Zimbabwean media, all sense of propriety flies out of the window in your bid to misinform about us.
    Are you even aware of Rastafarian sexual practices? If the answer is yes, then you have quite clearly gone on the disinformation offensive.
    I take personal offence at the “jungle fever” jibe as I am engaged to a woman who would fit your description of “white”. It is not for the reasons that you have outlined, but because Taklil (matrimony) is one of.seven sacred covenants between God and man. It is her specifically because I love her, and she is a fully observant Rastafarian. Skin colour or nationality has no part in our union at all. This is the Rastafarian way, this is how “we roll”. For you to associate such a sacred way of life with your own backward views on race and your morbid fascination with buggery is simply unacceptable. But then, you guys are also in to conspiracy theories so I will charitably ascribe this article to a feeble intellect on your part

    • Thank you for your contribution. If you are offended then that is regrettable. While your opinion is of value we treat as such – just an opinion based on facts as YOU know them. Yours is credible where you come from based on your exposure. Also this is a warning piece given that a lot of the rasta/dreadlocked brethren have a tendency to want to hook up with white girls from other countries – and they like our brothers too. We would like to assume that you are an intelligent person and you are able to take this as is. If you can’t that is as we said before, regrettable.
      This has nothing to do with your faith.

      • If this has nothing to do with our faith, why mention it at all? In one piece of writing you have offended millions of people worldwide, the least you could say is sorry. Then I suggest that you try and educate yourself about Ras Tafari.

        • We value your opinion. You have the right to get upset. Our intention was never that. However the fact that you dislike something will not change the facts about it. Crime exists and people do not like it. So when we mention that crimes are happening and being committed by people who have guns, must we now apologise to people who own guns because some of them do not commit crimes?

          • I am not saying this did not happen, I have no way of knowing the facts of that. I do know that it is a fact that know true Rastaman would behave in this manner, no true Rastaman would be hanging around prostituting themselves to tourists. Just because someone has dreadlocks and says they are Rasta does not mean they are or even that they know what Ras Tafari is. Jah say by their deeds they shall be known. Also as you state yourself the faith or even race of the man who did this is not even known so why bring Rasta into the equation. If you are a truthful man then the upright thing to do would be to apologise at this point. If you are a scheming liar then you will carry on pretending to be right. I would warn you that this is going viral amongst the Ras Tafari community worldwide so an early apology would be advised.

  • Larry Kwirirayi is an idiot for wrting this article and trying to drag the name of our King through the mud.

  • Nanda

    If you are not even sure that this man is a Rastafarian, then why are you putting the name of Ras Tafari in this mess? If you don’t have enough readers, there are many other ways to call people’s attention. Using other people’s faith to write a non-sense article like this is disgusting and direspectful.

    • You need to go out a little more and see what is happening sista. Go to HIFA and see the fights over white women. Go into the industry and see what is happening. Go to red fox. Go to Harare gardens and talk to the brethren there.

      Funny thing is when we mention Christian’s predilection for certain things, no one goes tits-up but when we mention another faith they get all touched up.

      • Nanda

        I’m not denying what happened. But you are trying to link what happened to the Rastafarians, while the person who commited the crime is no a Rastafarian himself. Seems like the Americans who like to blame on the others.

      • How many Rastafarians go to those places? Do you even know how Rastafarians court? Do you even know what a Rastafarian is?
        It’s not about facts as one knows them or not. You are confusing fact and opinion. That the earth is round and has always been round is a fact, even if millions believed at one point that it was round.
        You have chosen an incident at HIFA to write libellous garbage about Rastafarians. The decent thing would be to apologize and withdraw the article

      • firstly as an Empress, i don’t appreciate such coarse language.My King certainly wouldnt speak to me like that, so i dont see why a complete stranger should. secondly, i reside in London,where we have reedom of religion and speech, so that would be a little difficult. besides, i have no wish to profit a dictator by putting my tax money in his dubious pocket.

  • Joanna Sefoi

    seriously.. if you actually looked at what you had written with the intellect of something more than a single celled bacterium, you’d see that all this ‘article’ is, is a misinformed rant based on religious predjudice. now i could quote hundreds of bible quotes based on Gods desire that we love each other regardless of race or faith in the hope that it would either shame you into some kind of tolerance or that would prompt you to at least study the people you seem so keen to vilify, but as it’s clear you have no respect for the christian faith in its purest essence, let alone any others faction of christian-based faith, by your judgmental attitude to anything you dont understand, i cant really expect you to understand what that means in a practical sense.
    My 8 year old mixed race rastafarian son writes with more clarity and concious thought than you do..that’s because his white and black english university educated rastafarian parents have taught him better than that.

    • We see prejudice where we want to see it.

      They say the way we view the world is a reflection of ourselves. It amuses me that you fail to see the point of the article.

      • on the contrary, i see the intention perfectly. it’s right there in the title.

        • Read it until you get it then… Read it again. And read it one more. If you still see offence, then well maybe you have to change the way you see the world

      • whats not to see? i see the point about how some africans see sex as a means to get out of poverty, and also how some european females have a colonial view on the black man as a sexual object. it called both prostitution and exploitation in that scenario, however you dress it up. but to tie that up with rastafari and pass it off as a reasonable excuse to carry the assumption that dating one of our Kings is going to get you sodomised is both dangerous and wildly innapropriate,as we follow the bible to the letter. any dreadlocked man that would do that would be cut off from our community in no uncertain terms.

        • Your opinion has been noted. We respect your right to it. Thank you for your contribution

      • and dont you dare tell me how to view the world, when you obviously are blinkered to the point where you cant see wrong from right or when one point made has no bearing on the truth.
        anyway. enough conversing with fools for one day i think. as we so delicately put it.. perhaps you should Go forth and Multiply. Good day to you, sir!

  • Yehudit

    I think everyone should chill. The story is not political, racial or religious. For those of us, who do get out and do know what goes on at HIFA at the Red Fox and Harare Gardens we can report that the issue is personal — a personal case of sour grapes from the author, who despite putting a lot of time and effort into growing locks has failed time and time again to secure the same “prized” white women, that other dreadlocked men appear to get without problem.

    This is obvious, since the facts of the actual case bear no relation whatsoever to black men trying to escape poverty. This is not journalism this is point scoring. Guess what, this won’t get you laid by a white woman either.

    • This just shows how even narrower-minded this Kwirirayi is, much narrower-minded than I ever thought possible for a human being!! Maybe because I live in a town where only five girls young enough to be in a relationship with me (but in reality there isn’t a single eligible woman here because I only go for Rastafarian women) but I do not see what is so special about a white woman. The thing is there very few women of any skin colour that would like such a shameless bigot and hate-monger. Maybe if he tried to be more intelligent ( a bit of wider reading would help) and went out more (there are at least one million Rastafarians around the world and to form an opinion based on meeting one or two at the Red Fox, and then try and defend it is just silly.) he would find it easier to get a decent date. As my grandfather (blessed be his memory) would say, “Sorry, manhingi”

  • Takunda Chaurura Chingombe

    The story has nothing to do with Rasta, Kwirirayi the points you raise regarding “Rastas prostituting themselves to tourists” are for another story, an opinion piece, please write that story and give your opinions on these issues.However to establish a link between this story of sodomy and Rastas out of thin air is symptomatic of prejudice against Rasta.I am Zimbabwean and had dreadlocks in the eighties, when the societal prejudice against locks was much worse than it is today.I have been spat on because of locks, been arrested for no other reason than that I had locks and have been forcibly shaved by the police.Please Kwirirayi let the prejudice go, it is most unbecoming.

  • Ras Kudzaimambo Banda

    Bloodclawt racist!!! Kwirirayi you are just perfecting the art of randomness like a chihuahua. Do your research first. Stop stereotyping & labelling Rastafarians. You need to be educated about Rasta livity. Rasta is Righteousness!!!…One Love. One Aim. One Destiny….We ROAAAARRRRR selah!

  • The 1 issue has absolutely nothing to do with the other. This is sloppy journalism and to be honest, I didnt think 3 MOB subscribed to sensationalistic journalism… We already have an H-Metro guys, get it together.