Senegal: Wade’s Faux Pax

Most people may not know this but violence has been breaking out ahead of the Senegal’s 26 February election. This is after Wade’s hand picked constitutional court ruled he could run for office after his two terms ended.

Abdoulaye Wade, who is 85, has already made his intention to run for elections known very clearly. Senegalese foreign minister Madické Niang echoed his bosses hardliner stance on the issue and is quoted as saying that they will not take orders from other people especially from the west and have said they are mature enough to handle the business of their own democracy.

The Senegalese have a point, no country or person has the moral right to tell other how they should run the affairs of their country. The issue with most countries in Africa is learning to defend our opposing political perspectives in a peaceful manner.

At least four people are reported dead in the violence which erupted after the court ruling allowing Wade to run for election.

While Wade was given the green light, the same court also rejected the appeal of music icon Youssou Ndour, stating that his candidacy was invalidated because he did not file enough valid signatures.

This is how we see this whole issue, if indeed there is a technicality allowing Wade to run then the opposition should have looked at the constitution ahead of time and maybe they would have pre-empted this move by Wade.

If they were wiser maybe they would have dealt with it head of time. The game of politics is not always won by the people’s favourite but the shrewdest and the opposition should have seen this one coming.

On the other hand if Wade knows he is the rightful leader who should continue to lead Senegal then he should let Youssou Ndour run. Blocking Ndour makes Wade just look like he is just shit scared of Ndour.

As far as we are concerned for all of Mr Wades’ access to the police army and state media he should have done a better job at keeping things in check, his failure in our opinions means he deserves every inch of opposition he is facing.

One of the reasons Wade says compelled him to run for elections was to finish national projects he could not complete during his two terms.

The point by Wade is rather lame, because national projects belong to the whole nation therefore anyone capable can take over from where he left off.

The question we pause to Mr Wade is if you are confident that the people of Senegal  are going to vote for you, why then are you blocking Youssou Ndour from entering the race?