Visionaries Needed In Zimbabwe

As I sit here, I am both excited and a little worried by the state of my country, Zimbabwe. I see a lot of promise and what not but there is something missing.

A lot of businesses and ideas exist in the now. They are about getting that profit now. There is testament made to what is called the bigger picture but in reality this is just some silly argument postured by pathetic pop bile fed by second-rate PR idea people.

You see, what so many people present as their vision, is often in essence a mission because there is in essence, an element of finality to the ‘vision’. It doesn’t call towards any ideal. It doesn’t try to make the country or even the neighbourhood a better place. It’s about money, now.

The greatest, most important ideas ever attempted or implemented have been those that live beyond the person who came up with them. The ideas were not encapsulated in the mortality and selfish pursuits of individuals but were designed to serve generations who would benefit from them. It is that idea that there is something going on that is bigger than you. Pop psychology too, I know.

Zimbabwe needs that. As I said earlier, too many businesses and ideas are too concentrated in the present which is why certain things are ethereal. A promoter brings in a musician to make profit now but doesn’t create linkages which result in a perpetual benefit to his audience. A water company simply bottles water and does not see itself solving an issue greater than the proprietor’s pursuit of money.

I am not saying that there are none. I am saying that very few of the ones that exist are doing anything about it. And the rest, are too busy trying to become the 1% to care about the future. For they believe that it is in their lifetime that their limited ideal must be achieved.

After that, it is not their problem.

You don’t need money to do it. You just have to see the bigger picture. You can be that visionary.

  • Raymond Swart

    Great post 3mob…

    Here’s an idea worth thinking about… How about pointing out which Zimbabwean’s you think are visionaries, and not the lost in the clouds on painkillers visionary… Giving reasons why of course.

    This is directed at your readers and anyone else who cares to share the post and comment.