Of The Viral South Africa Gang-Rape Video

Seven young men are in court over the rape of mentally handicapped teenager. They recorded the video on a cellphone and it went viral.

The young girl who had been reported missing by her mother on 21 March 2012 is seen pleading for mercy in the 10 minute 33 second video, as the rapists have their way with her.

She was discovered at the home of a 37 year-old man who has also been arrested.

The low-quality cellphone video – reportedly filmed on March 31 – shows a girl being raped in an open veld, screaming and begging the seven young men to stop as they take turns raping her. Her cries are ignored at the sick men cheer each other on.

The really sad story is that this is not the first time that she has been raped. It is reported that she was raped by a man 2009 and by a taxi driver in 2010. Both cases failed to result in a conviction as she was unable to provide evidence against them in court.

In this case it is said that she may have been kept as a sex slave for over month until she was rescued yesterday.

The 7 suspects were arrested after being fingered by the community from the video.

In a country where 181 women are raped every single day this is an unbelievable low. To think people would take someone, especially with the mental capacity of a four year old and abuse her in this degrading way is disgusting.

What is even more disturbing is that video went viral. Why would we want to watch things of this nature? Of course the fact that video made its way out resulted in the capture of the rapists. One has to ask however why people would want such videos passed onto them. How sick are we that we will freely distribute a video of this nature?

What is worse, is how many people probably failed to condemn the behaviour? The scarier question is, how many actually enjoyed it?

Sad thing is, some of you are about to google it, to see if you can find it online.

Where is our society going?

Source: IOL.co.za

  • Animashaun Folashade

    God will deliver the women from the children of the devil who wears humans body. We women should rise and fight against “RAPE”. It should be pass to law that who ever is caught for rape must be sent to life imprisonment. God help “WOMEN”.