VIDEO: Nasty Street Fight In Zimbabwe

A video was posted online of a nasty street fight in Zimbabwe.

We call it nasty because of the way it ends more than anything else. It takes place we believe around the Mbare area of Harare.

It starts off with a man goading another who is not interested in fighting. After a few exchanges, one, a dreadlocked fella,  attempts to punch the other who avoids him. They dreadlocked guy keeps goading and then kicks the other man in the, well… let’s just say he was trying to induce involuntary family planning.

The kicked one gets out of view for second before he rushes in and knocks the dreadlocked one out in one fell swoop – possibly with some sort of object – before dragging him and throwing him over the edge of the elevated pavement onto the road.

Check it out below. It is not for the faint-hearted.

Click here to view it on Youtube

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