Vatican Rocked By Reports Of Corruption

Money laundering and assassination plots are usually the themes of Hollywood movies but it seems they have reached the shores of one of the most sacred places on planet earth…the Vatican.

The Vatican has been beset by reports being leaked to the press of confidential documents and tabloid-style reports of alleged financial mismanagement, political infighting and gossip about who might be the next pope.

The timing of all this comes at a time when the pontiff prepares for a ceremony this week to crown 22 new cardinals. The cardinals are called  the princes of the church because they elect the Pope’s successor. Therefore there could be some truth in the reports of deep infighting.

We are not too surprised by the goings on in the  Apostolic Palace. The Vatican is a sovereign city state, in other words its practically a country, with its own central bank and form of government.

Where there is money and power, corruption is usually lurking somewhere in the vicinity.