About Uebert Angel And His Million-Dollar Lamborghini

Zimbabwean religious leader Uebert Angel Mudzanire has told one of the local media outlets that he owns a Lamborghini, which costs about a million dollars to land in the country.

The car costs $400,000 and if imported would attract 100% duty. If you add other sundries, transport etc, then it will be about a million.

He told the Daily News that the car was not bought using church funds and that he never dipped his hands into the church coffers.

We are blessed of God, we don’t (dip our hands into offerings), what offering? $1? The question should be how do you get your money rather than taking money from the people.

Asked about where he got his money from he pleaded the fifth amendment. Of course the fifth amendment of Zimbabwe’s current constitution had to do with the tenure of office of a Speaker or Deputy speaker of parliament. So… errr…

Zimbabwe religious leader Uebert Angel owns a Lamborghini Aventador but says he doesn't dip into church coffers to get rih

Uebert Angel owns a car like this

What do we think?

Look, the whole prosperity gospel thing stinks to high heaven. It kills the concept of working because it says if you have ‘faith’ you will just get gold and diamonds falling out of the sky or money will just appear in your pocket. That is just as healthy as a cockroach infestation.

It is a breeding a generation of louts who ask more about what they can get from a situation than what they can give to it. For  Angel to go around flaunting his wealth in a nation that has so many poor people is an insult to the spirit of ubuntu. Pachivanhu it’s just wrong.

Maybe the Lamborghini Aventador is his version of a donkey. Jesus rode on one, right?

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