U.S.A Prison Population Shockingly High

There are an estimated two million people in prison or in jail awaiting trial in the USA. That’s roughly a population as large the capital city Harare.

According to a study of U.S prison population, it was found that for every 100,000 people in the U.S, 743 are incarcerated. Most prisoners have been subjected to lengthy sentences for relatively minor crimes.

Let’s just say if Zimbabwe Republic Police arrested people for some of the crimes people in US are arrested for, then the whole of Zimbabwe would probably be in prison.

Some people say the increase in the prison population is due to the mandatory sentencing imposed for drug. Just think of the number people who walk around with a few grams of marijuana in their pockets in Zimbabwe. Some Zimbabwean can do this because it’s something a person could get away with. ZRP policemen are not going out to search people’s pockets unless you have been caught doing some thing off hand.

In America doing that is would literally mean a jail sentence.

The number of African-Americans and Latinos who end up in prison on drug charges are much higher than white inmates. Some conspiracy theorists point to racisms and underhand workings of modern-day slavery to enslave African-Americans and Latinos.

A Black male in America is said to be seven times more likely to be imprisoned than a white male. That’s very scary when you think of it.


  • Anonymous

    Dear Mr Editor.

    1. Of the two million incarerated, some are awaiting trial.

    You want us to be surprised by this? Let me tell you what is shocking Sir. In Zimbabwe, of the country’s 55 prisons which have an official capacity of 17,000, approximately 22,500 detainees are being held at any given time.

    30% percent of the prison population is awaiting trial and many detainees have remained in pre-trial detention for up to 10 years!!! Let me break that down…if you are arrested when you are 19 you will be heard when you are 29 and told you did nothing wrong…

    2. You say that if ZRP arrested for some of the crimes they arrest for in the U.S. then the whole country would be incarerated. Here is the thing, Sir, the issue is not in the arrest for the crime, is it not the SENTENCE for the crime? Getting arrested for similar crimes is not where we should be focusing our attention. WHY ARE THE SENTENCES LONG?

    • We appreciate your contribution but the point you make and the one made by writer, are slightly different