U.S.A Closes Embassy In Syria As Violence Increases

Online reports claim that at least 50 people were left dead on the streets of Hom, after fresh fighting between the Syrian forces and an opposition group of men who call themselves the Syrian Liberation Army.

The violence has promoted the U.S to close its embassy and call its staff home, citing that the embassy was probably a prime target in the conflict. Understandably since U.S was in the forefront of calling for President Bashar al-Assad to leave.

Some reports claim that the Syrian Liberation Army is made up of untrained men fighting hard to save their country from the tyranny of Bashar al-Assad. We think that is utter hogwash. No untrained army can fight a trained army. We think they are trained combatants or are being coordinated by people with loads of army training.

President Bashar al-Assad’s seems to be in a bit of a tight spot and calls for him to step down have gotten louder. However the U.N veto by Russia and China has for now saved him to stay in power a little bit longer. The reality is that it now a question of time before the inevitable happens.

It is said an estimated 7000 people have been killed since the fighting began. We think after 7000 people have died any right leader see the writing on the wall see that its time to bid the presidency adieu.

Sadly if it happened in Morocco,Egypt,Libya then it can certainly happen in Syria.