Tsvangirai, Locardia Settle Out Of Court

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and his erm… well… what do we call her, other wife, have settled out of court.

Tsvangirai moved to avoid a messy divorce court trial by settling with Locardia Karimatsenga who wanted $15,000 a month in maintenance.

According to New Zimbabwe Advocate Thabani Mpofu head of Tsvangirai’s legal team:

We have been talking to each other as counsels. We believe owe it to the profession, to the court and to the generality of Zimbabweans that we settle this matter. We have been able to find each other and we believe there is a way to settle this issue that will not involve the court.

Karimatsenga’s lawyers have confirmed that discussions are at an advanced stage and that there was an expectation of successful negotiations.

Locardia sensationally halted Tsvangirai’s marriage to Elizabeth Macheka last month, reducing it to a customary union in pursuit of rights she said were hers as a first wife after she proved that she had been married to him.

Hopefully this will put the matter to bed – pun not intended – and the good Prime Minister can carry on with his life.

  • Nikkie

    Reporters should not show their sides when they report. Otherwise there is nothing good about Tsvangirai in regards the treatment and respect of women. This process should have been gone through well before the PM decided to wed. It shows short site on the part of the PM and his advisory. Shame on Zimbabwe leadership.

    Anyway what is now happening is the way.

  • lurker133

    Any way of knowing if $15,000 was the settled amount or just Karimatsenga’s demand? It’s a fantastic figure by the measure of most – is Tsvangison really living that large?