Trade In Fake Products in Zimbabwe Shocking

Christmas usually means shop and flea market owners will stock up on a number of products to capitalise on the shopping frenzy that comes with the holiday period.

Most of these goods are imported products, mainly from South Africa but a good look will show that most of these products were made in some province in China. An even closer look will reveal that these products are second hand, or really bad imitations.

The trade in pirated and counterfeit products in Zimbabwe is shockingly high yet it continues unabated. The justification that most businesses give in selling imitations and fakes is that consumers cannot afford the authentic products. While some consumers don’t know they are buying fakes, those that know point to the high price of the genuine products as inhibiting. Despite their lack of durability or lack of warranties fake products in Zimbabwe are now so common some people now have preferred fake brands.

Whatever the reason each party gives, the long run effect is that counterfeit products not only suffocate the growth of local industries and brands but also rob consumers of their hard earned cash. In the end no one really benefits but we dont see the practise ending anytime soon.


  • Rosaleenappelhans

    We HAVE to get back to Buy Home Products or decide to completely abandon the economy. We have physical and human resources to make so much – NO MORE IMPORTED JUNK!