So Today Is World Contraception Day…

Pretty much half the days in the calendar are set aside for some cause or campaign that we are supposed to care about and the latest one is World Contraception Day. Today, 26 September is that day.

Now for the NGO-lovers and civic society people, this sort of thing is of course, pretty exciting. They get to justify their existence and send a budget to some fat-cat sitting in some office in Zurich who signs off on it together with loads of money to make sure that the day goes well.

The money gets here and they print posters and t-shirts. Yes, the t-shirts. They love the t-shirts. Those t-shirts that you wear on the day and when you do your spring cleaning at home. Hardly think one would go around wearing World Contraception Day 1996 shirts.

But we digress.

Anyway, for the curious, for the avoidance of doubt we Googled this for you:

World Contraception Day (WCD) is a worldwide campaign with a vision for a world where every pregnancy is wanted. Its mission is to improve awareness of contraception to enable young people to make informed decisions on sexual and reproductive health. Under the motto “Your Future. Your Choice. Your Contraception”, WCD 2012 focuses on empowering young people to think ahead and build contraception into their future plans, in order to prevent an unplanned pregnancy or sexually transmitted infection (STI).

From our people in the NGO circles we are told that they frown on natural contraceptive methods like rhythm and withdrawal.

Hey, we say get paid whichever you like and if you can save a life or two, then power to you.

  • Kamunhu

    World Contraception Day is not a day for NGO-types to ‘splash’ money on t-shirts (yes they love them?) but its a day for reflecting on the issue at hand – contraceptives. They save lives in one way or another and empower women to make decisions about their lives. The people in your ‘NGO circles’ do not know about contraceptives then if they say rhythm and withdrawal are bad. NGO people do a service and most of them are professionals and if they get paid saving lives then the better otherwise they were still going to be paid somewhere anyway (maybe writing blogs?). I know NGO people bashing is popular but we should not forget about the issue at hand and also the contributions these NGO people make 🙂