What If Tino Katsande Was To Go Back To The Ex Who Beat Her Up?

So we were having a bit of think about it the other day and how life can be so frivolous. We wondered what would happen if radio personality Tino Katsande were to get back with Brian Munjodzi, the man who beat her up last year?

When we posed this question to a cross-section of people that we are in touch with and most said she would be crazy to reunite with Munjodzi. Some even went as far as to say that they would not forgive her. Another even suggested that it would be a blow for women’s rights.

Now we gave it a bit of a think ourselves and asked if her getting back with Munjodzi was anyone’s business but her own. At the end of the day the relationship is between the two of them. Yeah sure she made the abuse public but that was for a reason. Some would cynically say publicity but we would like to imagine it something more noble than that; like she was crying for help and saying that if it could happen to her then it could happen to anyone else. Arguing that Munjodzi should not get Munjodzi on the basis of some ideal is a bit rich.

Katsande is not a poster-child for every woman who has been abused. Every minute of her life should not be expected to reflect an ideal that many of us are unwilling or unable to commit to. Does she owe us anything? Should she even have to ask these questions?

There is a similarities between this situation and the Chris Brown, Rihanna one. They have gotten back together and for now they look happy.

Lessons can be learnt. Maybe second-chances may be given. Sure there is a the fear that comes being the bystander and because the horror has been played out in the public then we feel a fear of a repeat. It is because of that intimacy to that particular situation that our expectations have been heightened. We only see things in one way like a piece of drama on TV. For much of the public he is an abuser and nothing else.

At the end of the day, let’s be honest. It’s not any of our business. If she does make a choice to get back with him, then it is up to her. We might choose not to like it and have an opinion about it but such is life.

  • Jack dee

    “… Kwadzinorohwa matumbu ndo kwadzino lover … !” l would say she was stark raving mad, hence suicidal ….!
    Your opinion is though rational as it might sound is however incorrect becoz it’s merits are on a private individualistic approach where splendid isolation would be utopia to u. But her situation is part of our business now as her incident now affects society directly or indirectly.
    1- she made it public henceforth her wellbeing is our business now,
    2-she made an official police report , court appeared & judgement given! Now where as there is judgement record means societal cases like hers will be later on used as a reference case ” in the matter OF JOYCE VS NYAKUROWA 2013 etc) yaamoka iyi muma tables of reference ,
    So vakadzokerana , chances are vamwe ma pepertrators of violence mite convince complaints to agree kuti we want to work it out like Joyce and NYAKUROWA etc court drama
    Now murderers mite get away with that …
    3) Joyce might have been shunned ne many women advocacy groups presumably on political grounds , but her going back into this relationship would be a big blow to the few women gender groups who supported her and to the many
    future victims who mite want to
    speak out !

    • Love is never that simple

      • Jack dee

        We all know how complicated love is but when your life is at risk u just have to uncomplicate it.
        Look 3men on a Boat the debate is not only about love traits but more about how her re-engaging her violent relationship affects us or not and wether it’s any of our business or not ?
        & I say it’s our business but what do u say ?
        Forget the simplicity or complications of love.