Is It Time We Legalised Strip Clubs In Zimbabwe?

Officially there are no strippers in Zimbabwe just like officially there are no prostitutes in this land.

However, anyone who has been to a half-decent bachelors party will tell you that main expectation is that there must be strippers. If there are no strippers then it just feels like a boy’s night out and not the last rites being read to a man who is about to hand his life to a woman for the rest  of it.

Generally these strippers tend to be women of the street. You can pick one at Tipperary’s, Sloane Court, Londoners or you could call a guy who knows one or two. But it doesn’t just end there. College and University students are known to on occasion  supplement their income by being hired to get naked for a few gentlemen (not pervs). These are considered somewhat higher-end girls so they will strip for those who can pay more than the 70-odd dollars demanded by the vice girls.

If you dig even deeper there are gentleman’s clubs, not legal of course, already sprouting at private venues where strippers make their way to entertain men.

Look, the moral argument says that we shouldn’t even be talking about this. The same moral argument refuses to accept there are bastard children out there who exist as a result of a striptease gone wrong. Of course for an extra couple of dollars she will accept sex and there is a every chance that she will not know who the daddy was. It might evolve into a scenario where she pins the donkey’s tail on some poor gullible fella roaming the streets looking for a wife.

Legalisation or at worst regulation of such places means the girls’ incomes are taxable, they do it in safer environments and the pervs don’t have to hide in shame.

After all, they are graduating from peeping toms staring at changing women through windows or cracks in doors to toms not peeping anymore and hanging out with Dick and Harry. That hanging out, sounded so wrong