Tibet Protester Sets Himself On Fire

An unidentified male protester sprinted for 50 meters through New Delhi engulfed in flames after setting himself on fire in protest of China’s rule over Tibet.

He made the dramatic protest as Chinese President Hu Jintao prepared to arrive in India later this week for a summit meeting. He ran near the speakers at a rally near the Indian Parliament in the country’s capital. He collapsed after around 50 meters as fellow protesters beat out the flames with Tibetan flags they were carrying.

As strange as this might sound the practice of setting oneself on fire is rather popular among those hoping to see Tibet free from China.

It is reported that approximately 26 Tibetans have self-immolated to protest Chinese rule since protests began in 2011. Although the Dalai Lama, the spiritual head of Tibet, has in the past said he does not encourage the protests, he however,has praised the courage of those who engage in self-immolation.

We wonder how many Zimbabweans would set themselves on fire for a cause they believe in.