Three Things You Should Have Done This Africa Day

So 25 May every single year is Africa Day.

This is not new information but we need to talk about what you should have done today.

Eat African food

Wherever you are, find a local African diner or make food at home that is especially of African identity. Even better if you are in a different country from home, eat food from there, some local ethnic delicacy, whether it is injera in Ethiopia, tuwo shinkafa in Nigeria or a nice sadza with beef stew from Zimbabwe. While you’re at it have a local beverage.


Listen to African music

Celebrate Africa today listening to the best of African music. Check out what our brothers and sisters in Uganda or Kenya are doing. Look at the scene in Angola or Chad. ┬áThere is local music but don’t forget to listen Salif Keita’s Africa:

Hug an African

Just hug one. Except if she is married then you might want to avoid her if she has a husband cause that might be a situation that might get weird. But hug an African today because they deserve it.

I Need A Hug
Soulfull / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

Celebrate Africa.