THREE Things You Should Do For Your Woman Today

You want to make your woman special. That is a given. That is pretty standard and should be a thing that is not up for debate.

Sometimes you wonder what you should do to make her happy, because sometimes it feels as if she is never happy with you.

PIC: David Pacey -  Creative Commons 2.0

PIC: David Pacey – Some rights  reserved

We’re not talking about the not happy that makes her want to throw things at you or our boiling water on you. No that is psychotic. Don’t do that.

Anyway we have three things that we want you to do for you woman today. Not because it will get you laid soome more but just do it because you love her. Not because she loves you but because you lover her.

  1. Tell her she is beautiful. Look at her, dead and square in the eyes, and say it. She will feel it, because you mean it. Sometimes she feels as if you don’t think she is. Reassure here. Tell her today.
  2. Do something small and sweet. Yes, we used that weird word. We hate it but they love it. If you’re at work right now, send her a text message just to say you miss her and you and thinking about her. Or by her a single red rose on your way home, with a sweet note. Just the little things.Those little things matter. Guys, they do.
  3. Listen to her. This one is key. Don’t hear her talk. Listen to everything she says and have a conversation. Have an actual interest in what she has to say and care for what she cares about it. This is not to say you suddenly have to love the colour pink but she took an interest in your favourite thing because she feels a relationship is about that, listening.

Those are not all the things you can do for your woman of course. You could do a lot more but let’s start with those three.

If you want the relationship to work, you have to keep taking care of the basics. Like Carl Joshua Ncube says, anyone who says relationships don’t work, has never worked on a relationship.

Have a good weekend. 🙂

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