THREE things we picked for cheer from the Golden Pilsener Legends Forum

The inaugural Golden Pilsener Legends Forum kicked off at Harare’s upmarket establishment The Venue o Thursday evening.


About 100 of Zimbabwe’s talented breed of young men and women gathered for an event that celebrates the legend in them. The networking was on steroids as people who normally do not get to meet each other could interacted.

Speaking were serial entrepreneur Takudzwa Chingonzo and International Youth Foundation country director Pamela Chiromo.

Here are things we learnt:

There is a lot that is happening out there

From Chingonzo’s hubs to Chiromo’s work with young people on projects such as Zimbabwe Works and the second chance project there is a lot of work being done to give the inspired the chance to innovate.We speak a lot about what is wrong and space is not given to initiatives that actually move stories forward. Creating skill sets for people is the new foundation of the next generation.

Institutionalised entrepreneurship has slowed us down

Entrepreneurship is a human condition but we have been told that it must behave in a certain way in order to be valid. Institutionalising it has meant we do not see ourselves as innovators but something that is the preserve of certain groups of people,

We have a few things to learn

We still lack an understanding of issues such as feminism and what it really is. We have work to do in terms of understanding gender mainstreaming. We need to put work into ideas that solve actual problems and there are ways to to do this,

The concept is something we like here at 3mobHQ. There are a lot of things we will have known but seeing lived experiences is always refreshing and reinforces or challenges belief systems.

So if you hear about the next one, sign up.

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