THREE reasons we like about the new Econet youth employment initiative

So in case you do not know Econet Wireless, Zimbabwe’s largest mobile services provider launched a new youth employment initiative termed Elevate Virtual Agent Programme (Evap).

The programme targeted at youths aged 16 to 24 seeks to employ 25,000 in the first year earning as much as $600 a  month.

It falls under the Elevate Club which is a recently launched youth empowerment drive.

And we have three reasons we like it

It reimagines employment

The biggest issue in the world right now is redesigning how humans work. With a lot of traditional roles now automated, leaving home to go to an office is becoming unsustainable for businesses that are downsizing which has led to questions around what we do when the robots do everything. This does a bit of it by creating a new way of working.

The overheads issue

Because they will work from home, the biggest headache that anyone has when running a business falls away. That is rent. And rent eats into your income before you even make your first sale.


The access for customers

Often other than calling an Econet or ZOL hotline for customer support, you really have nowhere else to go. This increases the amount of tech-based support, the bots that could possibly be created and potential for inventions.

That is the rosy part except…

Entry into the club is $50 which for a 16 year-old is pie in the sky stuff. Getting $50 of airtime for many will take a while meaning they’re going to have to spend a lot of what they have not earned before thinking of earning.

Also someone needs to ask about the security features in place for services that are uber-like in a decentralised space like Zimbabwe.

Important issues to be dealt with, but that we have started doing something is important.