This roadblock checklist is a must-have for all drivers

An organisation called the Road Users Association has come up with pretty handy document on what to do when you come across the Zimbabwe Republic Police at one of its 1,568,322.245 roadblocks.

It has what it calls a Roadblock Checklist which includes a bunch of things people never thought that they could do at a roadblock.And that includes recording your interaction with a cop. The key thing for anyone is understanding their rights before they are violated. Because many people get violated due to ignorance more than anything else.

Essential questions to ask are included in the checklist which you can find by clicking here

The Road Users Association (RUA) is an informal organisation that has been formed by interested parties, mainly from the motoring industry and legal profession, to positively influence the unreasonable behaviour of the ZRP at their numerous check points throughout the country.

You can find out more about what they are up to from their website