Of Teenage Boys And That Zimbabwean Maid

A few weeks ago, we caused a bit of a stir when we wrote on the curious case of the Zimbabwean maid and the husband. A few people couldn’t believe it and some husbands –  especially the guilty ones –  claimed it didn’t happen. Others accused us of exposing their dirty little secrets.

As some of you may or may not know the maid isn’t just having it with the man of the house. It turns out that a good percentage of young men, particularly those around the age when one experiences an authentic and inspired ‘hard-on’ for the first time tend to lose their virginity to, yes, the maid.

Look at it this way. Most of these maids are at around that age when they should be oing horizontal dances with preferred partners. However they tend to be stuck at work for 6 24-hour days and are only allowed a day off to go and see their relatives or boyfriend. One day.

Question is, what happens if she gets aroused, from watching all those soapies or whatever, on a Tuesday. Enter  young master Tendai (Tindo to his friends)  whose voice just broke and has a hint of facial hair. And she has cleaned his room and well and there is stuff in that room. She knows for a fact that he has been playing Peeping Tom while she’s been taking her bath or changing clothes. And she knows that he sits at angles where he can catch a glimpse of what is under that dress.

Just enough time spent alone and well, there you have it, young Tindo becomes a man. After the awkwardness of the first experience, it becomes an every day thing until she leaves. Yes, until she leaves.

Sounds crazy? Ask a few honest male friends about Sissy Getty.

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