Teacher Drinks and Smokes With Students

The Herald reports that John Madanhi a secondary school teacher in Hwedza was found guilty and discharged from service for the allegations that he smoked mbanje and drank alcohol with his students.

The Government said although he had denied providing cigarettes to the pupils, Madanhi did not deny that they were smoking. In addition a schoolgirl admitted to sitting next to Madanhi and that he gave her alcohol.

Although Madanhi denies the allegations, the Ministry of Education, Sport, Arts maintains that he was guilty.

When we were in high schools teachers who turned a blind eye to students drinking and smoking were worshiped by the students, they were the cool teachers and every school has one or to of them for their lack of control.

So we know this is nothing new in Zimbabwe.The basic rule seems to be,the further away the school is from the the Ministry of education district offices, the blurry the responsibility of teachers and their relationship with students becomes.

Whatever the facts of this particular case are, educators play a vital role as the custodians who shape the minds of students, the fact that that students were drinking, smoking and being chaotic in the presence of a teacher is rather disturbing.

The ministry should certainly keep a close eye on the ethics and behaviour of teachers.

Source:The Herald