Did TB Joshua Prophecy The Colorado Shooting?

So now TB Joshua’s SCOAN TV has released a video which they say shows Nigerian religious leader TB Joshua prophecying the Colorado massacare.

The narrative on the Youtube video is as follows

On Sunday 10th June 2012, during a service at The SCOAN broadcast live on Emmanuel TV, Prophet T.B. Joshua gave a prophecy concerning the nation of America and an upcoming security incident involving someone carrying a gun into a gathering of people and shooting, leading to the deaths of many.

On 20 July 2012 a lone gunman killed 12 people and injured 52 when he walked into a movie house in Colorado where the first screening of the latest Batman movie was taking place.

TB Joshua is credited by his believers for predicting all sorts of deaths and tragedies.

See for yourself below. Did TB Joshua foretell this event or was this some clever editing?

If you can’t view it on this site, check it out on Youtube