Of TB Joshua And The Nigeria Plane Crash

So the blogosphere is awash with discussion over whether there is a link between Nigerian church leader TB Joshua and the unfortunate Nigeria plane crash which claimed at least 153 lives lives in Lagos.

A quick Google search landed us on various sites saying that the self-proclaimed ‘man of God’ had indeed said so and there was an article from 1 February 2012 to boot.

A website we quote says:

The pastor, while making the prophecy, was said to have explained that the purported crash would have nothing to do with either pilot error or aircraft problem but that of security problem.

According to Joshua, the purported crash, if not averted, would involve one of the country’s local flights.

For his followers this will come as another coup. They will preach from the  mountains that Joshua indeed is on the ball and is the ‘knower’ and seer of all via a special relationship he has with the Almighty. After all in general his predictions have come true.

TB Joshua goes onto say that those who want to get saved should recite Psalm 91 before getting on board.

Even for the cynics this will come as a bit disturbing. That he should apparently call so many disasters and get it on point will have one wondering. Whatever it is, it should leave people inquisitive, curious at best as to what is going on.

We are not sure that it changes the way we think about what the good pastor might be up to but it makes for a curious conversation.

And conversations, even without a final agreement are always worth having.

Do you think he called it? Or is he just skilled at reading events? After all, with the power cuts, mismanagement and the works, a disaster was always going to happen soon.

  • Mambawilton

    It’s a shame that we continue to be denialists despite the Bible warning we would always be. Until we are brn again, Prophet to be TB Joshua will continue to all above our heads. We will continue to wonder hw he gets his predictions correct. I have done a simple thing; I ave turned to Christ.