Suspected Paedophile Harassing Kids In Bulawayo

Parents at Greenfield Primary School in Bulawayo are fearing for their  children after reports that a 60 year-old man from Southwold has been buying their kids presents and asking them to be friends with him.

The man, identified as Lovemore Muchayiri reportedly brags that he does not sleep with older women and prefers school children.

He is apparently stalking three kids at the moment, in Grade Six and Seven at the school and is said to be going out with a Form Two pupil at Founders High School.

Some parents have confronted him but there seems to be no let up. Of course he denies it and claims he only knows the Grade Seven girl only from when she asked for 1 rand in 2010.

As it stands the police at Donnington have been notified and a court case is expected to be heard soon.

However given that there are no restrictions on his movement right now, it means he can do pretty much as he pleases at the moment.

We really should become more aggressive with our laws protecting against suspected child sex offenders or harassment  The situation doesn’t have to escalate for it to be attended to. Onus is also on people to report cases to the police.

So far, Muchayiri has done nothing to these kids physically but you can see that by giving them gifts and the like, he is grooming them.

Hallmark of someone nasty.

With information from The Chronicle (Zimbabwe)

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