How To Get A Sugar Daddy

So there is that brand of women who would like to be sugar babies. And there are those men who would like to be sugar daddies. Most of the time it is easier for the men to find their plaything than for women to be that plaything. It is not as if there are bunch of rich men out willing to be fleeced.

So the question would be how does a woman become a sugar baby?

There a few things that should be kept in mind in order to make a success of it. You have to be pretty ruthless so this is not for everyone.

We cannot stress the need to be able to spot a potential sugar-daddy from a mile off, however. If you don’t you will spend a lot of time with men who look like sugar daddies but aren’t. It is all in the way he dresses. He is into designer clothes and wears the genuine stuff. He likes style which is why he is willing to buy a woman with style.

When it comes to finding him, it helps to have a career that takes you places where the affluent go to. Why do you think pretty much every model has had a sugar daddy? But don’t fret. Not all sugar daddies want a model for a sugar baby. We know of some who like their girls ghetto and love the feeling that they are ‘cleaning’ her up.

You must realize that the sugar-daddy is buying your attention. You are meant to be willing to give him the girlfriend experience without needing to be in love with him. It is important that you enjoy sex, even if the person is not your type.
Try to figure out his personality and work with that. The best types are the loners who like to have a good time. When you have gotten that in check, make him feel like he matters. Treat him like he owns the world but you have to do it naturally. Stimulate him intellectually.

When he buys you stuff, and I mean anything, smile and thank him. He is buying that appreciation so work it girl.

When it comes to the bedroom, control it. Don’t be pushy. Let him enjoy himself. The sex has nothing to do with you. Fake it if you have to. You want gifts, not orgasms. And the condom is not negotiable even if he buys you an aeroplane. He is not faithful to you, so don’t be trying to catch anything.

You can have loads of fun if you are always in control. Don’t get ahead of yourself. It is a dangerous transaction where one is used and the other is being used. You decide which side of the fence you sit.

Know your limits and stay within them.

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