Why We Can’t Stand Christmas

So it is that time of the year again when all those weird noises and decorations come out of the dusty cupboard and annoy us for 3 months. Yes, we said 3 months because Spar started this whole business early October. We remember hearing some dodgy version of some Christmas carol.

Then of course the City council did their customary lighting up of First Street and the trees in Africa Unity Square (tree-huggers, chill because I don’t mean setting them on fire!). Eastgate wasn’t going to be left behind. They went to some Chinese shop in the Gulf and got their decor. The carols however sound like a drunk mosquito, so yes, they are annoying.

Essentially what they do, is that they hog 3 months of the year and make it about them. We don’t think  you need three months to shop but, hey, to each his own.

Then there is the adoption of customs that have nothing to do with us. Like, for example we came across some shop and they had artificial snow. Well, they have seen it on TV so, hey, that is how it is done right? We don’t know about you, we have never seen snow in this neck of the woods, especially in summer. And I don’t think my ancestors did either. Maybe we are just sticklers.

Of course there is the mandatory hanging out with relatives that if you had a choice you wouldn’t talk to. But it’s family right. And it is Christmas. It is time for giving and all that weird stuff that they shove down your throat so you can go and shop to give. It’s all love right, fueled by a huge religious and corporate machine.

As we grow older we see less reasons to like it. That, and the fact that if you are really a christian then you will know that Jesus is probably pissed off with you for celebrating his birthday in the wrong month on a date that is historically a pagan one. And how do they celebrate it? Drunken behaviour, illicit sex, drug-fests and who knows what else, that add insult to injury.