SOS: Takudzwa Needs Your Help!

There is a campaign going on to help 20 year-old Takudzwa Rugare Paradza who needs a bone marrow transplant.

Takudzwa Paradza with mother Maria

Takudzwa Paradza with mother Maria

This is his story:

In September 2014, 20 year old Taku was diagnosed with HIGH GRADE or AGGRESSIVE NON HODGKIN’S LYMPHOMA which by January 2015 had spread to his brain. After intensive Chemotherapy Taku went into remission mid February 2015. However, our celebrations did not last as the cancer returned May 2015, more aggressive.

Taku is presently besieged by pleural effusion (excess fluid in the lungs) which forces him to cough and moves his heart to the wrong side. He has gone through a lot of pain is such a short period of time. An AUTOLOGOUS BONE MARROW TRANSPLANT has been recommended and is to be performed in INDIA by harvesting Taku’s own bone marrow.

PLEASE #AnswerTheCall to raise the fees. NO CONTRIBUTION IS TOO SMALL.

Amount to be raised: $25 000

MARIA PARADZA (Taku’s Mother): +263-775-896-211

Imagine the difference we could make for that young man if we all just decided to give up our drinking money for one night and sent him the money.