Can we take the Soothsaying of Vapostori Seriously?

Humans have always attempted to gain insight into past events or current situations that they face. In Zimbabwe people can roughly be categorized into four groups when it comes to trying to understand things unknown and mystical. There are those that don’t care at all, those that follow traditional ways, those that use different versions of the Christian faith and those that use a combination of anything that makes sense to them.

One group of diviners believed to have powerful soothsaying powers are the maporofita of the Vapostori sect. Every neighbourhood has at least one, they are the leaders in the congregation and they usually conduct their religious services under trees. Some of them use artefacts such as water stones and boiled eggs for their rituals and we have read a few stories in the local press about a one or two of them who have used their faith to get into all sorts of trouble.

For the most part this group of people have been dismissed by those who are not part of their faith as charlatans and quakes because their methods appear to be disjointed and random in relation to all contemporary knowledge and understanding.

However recent episodes by one member of the boat of dreams foretelling future events with shocking accuracy something very similar to what the Maporofita are capable of, has got us asking: Can we take the soothsaying of Vapostori seriously after all? Could these people with their white garments and practise of polygamy and total disregard of modern medicine have real insight into human existence in relation to the universe? Could the so called prophets be conduits of a greater spiritual being and the rest of us are closed to the idea of this connection because we have been taught to see things in only black and white? Watch the video below tell us what your impressions are: