So we turned EIGHT today…

On this day in 2008 we put our first entry as a blog.

To this day, we are still as excited about every single word we share with the world and what its implications are.


The years have shaped our behaviour and like a typical eight year-old time has allowed us to be more confident about who we are, what we love and where we are going with it. We have picked up new interests, some of which we never knew we would have today. Our skills continue to be refined and while we show interest in being more ‘grown up’ we really want to be young and wild and free.

In an age where creating pieces of news or opinion and shaping conversations for people is not as respected as it once was in the old days, we take pride in our continued commitment to it all. It’s not easy but that is what makes it worth it.

Going forward, we will write more, create new spaces and introduce more voices. We are phenomenally excited about the new Lady on the Boat and what she will bring to the conversation. We are ramping up everything and creating the experience you deserve. Watch out for #3mobradio going bigger and more visuals.

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We’re excited. And thank you…