So we are 9 years old today…

So as I started writing the 6,689th article it got me wondering.

This life has brought us experiences

What does one say?

I could have gone into the many lessons we like to think we have learnt since that Thursday in 2008. A much simpler world with its challenges it was but beautiful the same.

I thought to talk about the moment we sat down (the other two being PJ and Chale) and came up with this concept to the sound of chariots of fire. Apparently that is a thing. Then a big ding for the moment.

There was a prevarication over perhaps sharing where we are going, in this new world, a much stranger and less beautiful place than when we started. It has become a strange place.

Yet in reality, it is just another day, in which we move on to the next idea, the sense of purpose renewed daily. Sometimes at its lowest it was the kind word of a stranger in a bar in Uganda that made it all worth it. Dennis said he had been following us for years and he loved our work.

It was never for these moments we started working. We love writing as much today as we did when the first article made its way to the world. And we love writing completely.

Sure we have started exploring other mediums of communication, audio being a fun thing at the moment, but we will always come back to our writing.

Whatever we invented was an experience. And that is the thing. Because it was an experience it was rarely taxing. We loved it.

Every experience was meant to serve a purpose and each article was a target. There are perhaps things we wish we had cared less about but that is life. It’s always easier to sound smarter after the fact.

Sure we have evolved and there is some distance between where we started and where we are now, but that is the point isn’t it?

Much like a 9 year old we are more comfortable with our choices and  have started making more difficult ones than we used to. Our friendship circles (partnerships) are changing and we second-guess ourselves a lot less.

And for the experiences of the last nine years, we are thankful.

I am thankful.

– Larry Kwirirayi

  • Sir Nige


  • Taisekwa Dziruni

    Congrats Larry

  • Para Jawona

    Congratulations and heres to more successful years for the 3-mob team ! it is however difficult to imagine 3-mob without Larry,it is like trying to make an egg omelette without the eggs, he embodies the spirit and ideals which have driven the website to become the recognised brand that it is today. Larry is in my book certainly one of the sharpest and wittiest African writers.