So.. Love At First Sight Is Actually REAL

Scientists have revealed that the whole concept of love at first sight might actually be real.

Something that we consigned to literotica and chick flicks actually exists say a bunch of thick rimmed peops in white dust coats from the University of Chicago.


They say looking at a new person in the eyes and not another body part shows you are falling for them.


Anyway they say eye patterns form on a person’s face when you are interested in them. More view on body means sexual desire. Automatic judgement of love or lust can take as little as half a second.

How did they do this?

Well they got students to view black and white images of attractive people they had never seen or met before and visual patterns were found. None of the photos were erotic or had any nudity.

There was no significant difference in the time it took for someone to fall in love or lust.

So yeah, if you look at her eyes a lot, you are in trouble. Time to call 999.

Quick side-note: We know there are fellas out there who will use this information to give the impression of love so as get some a*s. We know about those dudes.

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