Simuka Comedy First Anniversary Show A Huge Success

Harare came out on Friday night to celebrate a milestone in Zimbabwe’s comedy industry. Moniker-ed Simuka the industry has grown from 2 active known comics last year to the ten who performed last night.

The crowd was entertained for a good 3 hours last night with comics coming on with their ‘A’ game. Here and three were Maneta roasts with Carl Joshua Ncube being chief among those who had a serious go at her.

By far the biggest laughs were drawn from Clive Chigubu and Toropito. Chigubu’s physical comedy and skillful use of a punchline holds him in good stead. General Ntando had a few people shifting in their seats as he brought his proudly Ndebele stance to the stage. His punchline?

I’m not tribalist. I am Ndebele. So I can’t be tribalist.

He did draw a lot of laughter though and it was particularly refreshing to see him use ndebele on his set.

The other comics on the night also had barnstorming performances. These were, Uncle Sam, Q the Boss, Doc Vikela, Comrade Fatso and the legendary Michael K.

The response from those who were there was epic. Here are a few of the ones we found on social media:

Chipo Nzonzo:  So there I was last night all KNK (kikiki) Brilliant!

Tariro Ruzvidzo: Simuka Comedy was off the chain last night! Yeeeee yeeeee! Well done and happy 1 year anniversary!

Kudzai Candice Mungofa: Comedy Fest was AWESOME!!!

@DannythatGuy: Yo but for real #SIMUKA last night was hilarious.

@bond_gal89: #simuka was great. Had fun! Great fun

@ntandoyenkosi: #simuka was the sh*t 2day #zimcomedy

@DavinaGreen @CarlJoshuaNcube is hilarious! Glad I finally got to watch him live!

@KadomaKid #SimukaComedy Kicked my ass , Goood Morning !

@BatsiraiFreddy #simukacomedy was a killer last nyt.

@begottensun At #SimukaComedy on the phone listening to @ftrftrftr & @Yagidojo I told u #TwimboNation these guys are the best hands down!!!!!

There were loads more who generally gave a positive review.

For those who were regulars at the Simuka shows over the past year, some of the jokes seemed old but for those who were new to it, it was fun still. We do feel the show lasted a bit longer than it should have so it started feeling a bit long in the tooth towards the end.

On the whole it was a good night out and it can only mean big things for the industry going forward.

And Three Men On A Boat were honoured to be a partner on this momentous occassion. We can’t wait for next year.