Signs That He Is Cheating… Online

So nowadays you can be sitting in the same room, together and your beloved one is cheating away. For all you know he could be catching up with his other wife Magwegwe South while sitting with you in Avondale West. The thing is how can you tell? Some of the things are obvious and some of them not-so-much.

One of the most obvious ones is how much  time he spends online. This is especially so when you look at how much time he is online while you are in bed. This is either on his laptop or cellphone. Look, if he is a consultant for some big corporate a couple of time-zones away then all very well and good but even that has its boundaries.

Another thing is if the window being viewed is suddenly changed or shut when you come into view. Obviously he is trying to hide something. Unless he works for the President’s finest and they just sent him a secret on  Facebook in the form of a scantily clad woman, then ah well… you get the picture.

He has secret email addresses that you come across. Or secret social network profiles.

A an often overlooked one  is if the Internet browser history is always cleared when you log on. It is like in the movies. The dude kills someone and then wipes the prints of the weapon and leaves it behind. You have access to his weapon but you can’t pin the crime on him. If the Internet history is being cleared every day, there is evidence being destroyed every day.

However don’t take any of these in isolation and think there is something going on. But if some of those combined are happening, the story has nothing to do with the bogeyman from Mhondoro.