Sickening Video of Man Beating Up Step-Son Lands Him In Jail

We came across a disgusting video on Worldstar where a man was full-on battering a 5 year-old boy has landed a man in jail.

The 25 year old Salina, Kansas man is seen in the 11-minute video beating up the boy and subjecting him to systematic torture in front of a younger child.

The mother reported the matter to the police and the man was picked up on 3 December. The boy was taken to hospital to be checked out.

Who it was that took the video is still not clear but we hear a woman’s voice in the background.

When you think that this is happening in a lot of homes and the only difference this time is that it has been recorded or a mother has reported the case it makes you wonder with great sadness what some little children are going through.

We have attached the video and it is viewed at your own risk. Since it was posted on Facebook it has gotten over 18,000 shares.

View at your own risk.

Click here if you can’t view the video on this site.

The details around this atrocious crime and where it happened have since been contested. Please see comments for different versions of the origin of this story and the sort.

  • Jackie

    thank you Jesus. I pray for this young boy. Where was his mother? My heart breaks for this poor child and I hope this man gets the worst punishment ever and I hope he gets punished in jail. No child deserves this. How dare he, and shame on the person taking the video they too deserve the worst. I am disgusted. My prayers go out to this poor innocent harmless child, I have been praying for someone to recognize this man, i saw the video on facebook.

  • susie

    This is the best news I have read I couldn’t sleep last night when I saw this video I hope this child is ok and that no permanent damage came from it other than the phycological damage he will live with

  • Mario

    Is there any other reference about this incident? from a newspaper or something?

  • Are you guys sure this guy was arrested? The man in the video looks hispanic the man that was arrested in Kansas looks totally different

    • Lucy

      He is not Hispanic. I am Puerto Rican and I don’t understand nothing out of his mouth.

  • susie

    The man on the video is not speaking Spanish I don’t know what language they are speaking..I also would really like to know if he was arrested I have spent my entire day searching the web and can’t find any links to this arrest

    • Lucy

      He is from Kansas. What a dirt bag. Hope his inmate friends see this and beat the crap out of him every day.

    • This is information is totally wrong. The video in Facebook says Shah Alam. Stepfather abuses kid. You are correct that is not spanish. They should correct above news.

  • susie

    that’s not the same person so much for feeling like this baby is safe now. I hate feeling so hopeless and not being able to save this child

  • Mario

    I’ve been trying to do some online research, and the only thing I could find is the case of Antonio Brown Sr. in Salina-Kansas as well, but he’s not this guy. If anyone could give me some link of an article on a newspaper or something it would be of great help.

    • Wht kind of information are you lookin for?

      • Mario

        Some official information, or something from a newspaper. I’m afraid you’ve been mistaken this case with the case of Antonio Brown also in Salina-Kansas, where unfortunately he beat up to death his step-son.

  • Xxx cleaningfreakxxx

    Has the man gone to prison r the kids safe from him plz

  • That is NOT the same man, and the language is not Spanish. This is in some Indian Ocean area. Bangladeshi perhaps? That piece of garbage is most likely still free. I googled “Salina, Kansas man arrested for child abuse”, looked up the report by the date it happened, and it is definitely not the same man.

  • pauline

    This is not the same thing and that animal is free you will be lucky that baby boy is still alive am fuming and am taking that video to the uk media I already contacted 2 talk shows one u might have heard jeremy kyle I want this video source found and if it mean taking this to every media in uk I will and to my local m.p I want this guy found I hope you will all try do the same please I beg

  • lety m


  • lety m

    i DONT know how to post a picture here,but I saw a picture were the man on the video is arrested by a police,he s in handcuffs.

  • l3dg3nd

    what a HORRID man if you can call it that if i ever see hi mi will beat him and the person holding the cam sick basterds

  • This is information is totally wrong. The video in Facebook says Shah Alam. Stepfather abuses kid

  • Jasmin

    I’m 13 years old and I have a baby brother about the same age and watching this video made me cry and scream “I want to kill him”. I need to know if that man is in jail and if the children in this video are okay. Please some answer my questions. I honestly have no idea what that child could have done to deserve this. I hope everyone sees this video and promises to themselves that they will never hurt a child.

  • The man on this video is not the same man from Kansas. This happened in Klang, Malaysia. I posted a link to the news in regards to this video. The police was notified and someone was arrested.

  • edel

    has this man been arrested or was it the right person picked up this video has sickened me to my core i pray for that poor baby that had to go through something so bad and evil as that prison is to good for him this man needs to be giving the death sentence there is nothing but evil in him i wish him all the worst luck in the world dirty low life coward

  • prayingforlittleboy

    I did some checking on this, it happened in Malaysia. The email address for the reporter is on the top of this story. Please email this reporter:
    and ask for an update, ask if this little boy is safe!!! I did, will you all please do the same?

    Thursday December 13, 2012

    Mechanic held over child abuse

    By A. RUBAN

    KLANG: A video showing a man slapping, punching and kicking a three-year-old boy has gone viral on Facebook, riling up all those who came across the more than eight-minute-long video clip.

    The boy was also seen being picked up and punched in his lower back before being thrown back on the floor several times.

    The 32-year-old man, said to be the stepfather, was seen beating up the boy and repeatedly ordering the helpless child to come to him only to be assaulted again.

    As of last night, the video had been shared by more than 18,000 Facebook users on their pages.

    Thousands scolded the man and urged the authorities to take immediate action against him.

    The man is under police custody now and has been remanded until Saturday.

    North Klang deputy police chief Supt Jani Ahmad said the man, a mechanic, was arrested at his home in Taman Mas on Tuesday.

    “The boy is being treated at Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah for head and body injuries,” he said, adding that the doctor’s initial report showed that injuries on the boy were at least two months old.

    The boy’s mother has yet to be identified, said Supt Jani.

    Police are still investigating when and who took the video.

  • prayingforlittleboy

    I don’t know where you guys came up with this guy being from Salina KS….it only took me a few minutes to find out it happened in Malaysia.
    Child abuse case: Stepmother recorded the bashing

    G Vinod

    | December 13, 2012

    The 20-year-old woman was arrested and released after questioning last night. Her husband is still in police custody.


    PETALING JAYA: The police have arrested the first wife of a mechanic who was caught on video abusing his three-year-old son from his second wife.

    Selangor CID deputy chief ACP Rusdi Md Isa was reported by Bernama as saying that the woman was arrested at about 10pm last night and later released after questioning.

    “The 20-year-old woman had recorded the video clip when the suspect was abusing the victim,” he said.

    He added that the police had also taken a statement from the victim’s 29-year-old mother. Her marriage to the suspect has not been registered.

    He said so far the police have taken statements from four individuals: the step mother, the mother, a neighbour and a doctor.

    Earlier North Klang district deputy police chief Supt Jani Ahmad told FMT that the man had two wives, and the abused boy was from the second wife.

    On Tuesday, the video of the mechanic, 32, abusing his son went viral in Facebook, sparking outrage among users of the social networking portal.

    The video, which runs for about eight minutes, shows the man punching the boy from the back and throwing the child on the couch before kicking him.

    The man also seemed to be aware of his action being recorded on video, as he often turned at the camera.

    Jani said that the abuse took place about two months ago and the man from Klang is being held under remand in Shah Alam till Saturday.

    The toddler is now kept at the Klang hospital and is placed under the care of the Welfare Department

    The police said the man was arrested after a report was lodged by someone who had recognised him in the video clip.

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