Shocking Video: Teen Goes On Rant About ‘Blacks’

Just came across the video on World Star Hip Hop of this girl going on and on about how she thinks very little about black people.

Most of it is delivered in pretty unsavoury language and some of the points are pretty ignorant and racist. However it shows a thing or two about how black people may be viewed in her neck of the woods or how black people may be where she comes from.

Some of the views sparked a debate with friends. The use of the n word for me is where I get upset but you can’t really spend that much time on a bigot, can you?

Racism still alive, they ain’t even concealing it.

  • Ghgjkk

    I’m black but what these girls are saying about SOME black people is true … but then again there are white people too who behave the same way but I would assume majority are blacks. Change starts with US, how? I don’t know … 🙂