Shock Zimbabwean Lesbian Couple Cheat Video

A Zimbabwean lesbian couple cheat video, has gone viral on social networks.

The video shows the moment when Nicky Chigoba Chalenga walked in on her lesbian partner Chido Chalenga in bed pleasuring a married woman with their sex toys. The married woman is their friend, Brenda Muchi Soko.

In the video, Nicky while holding camera has a go at both women for breaking trust. She then introduces the cheating pair to the viewers and then cuts the video.

Nicky has however tried to move on from the incident while Brenda has apologised. Nicky told New Zimbabwe that she was not responsible for the circulation of the video as she has simply shared it with Brenda’s husband.

Nicky and Chido were one of the first Zimbabweans to marry in the UK.

We think that the video will cause embarrassment to the pair for a bit not many people break up because of cheating. The friendship is probably dead but the pair will move on from this.

Watch the video below

If you can’t view it our site click on the link

  • Penny

    Ag sees man. Is this all 3Men can come up with? Cheaters and children having sex? Really? Is there not enough filth in the world without disseminating it further? Isn’t there anything enlightening or uplifting for our society, rather than rubbing our noses in the dirt? I didn’t watch the video, just the titles are bad enough, but ZERO stars for this anyway.