Shamva Police Officer In-Charge To Remain In Custody

Last week we reported on the six police officers who recently fatally assaulted are accused of murdering Luxmore Chivambo and injuring 11 other people in Shamva.

The Herald reports that they were yesterday granted US$50 bail at the High Court, however the Shamva Police Station officer-in-charge Inspector Aspias Shumba will remain in custody after his bail application was thrown out.

What is disturbing about this case are the allegations emerging from it.

It is said that the police assaulted some residents of Ashley Compound, before they raided Chivambo’s house and forcibly opened the door while Chivambo was sleeping with his wife.

They allegedly dragged him outside while punching and kicking him in full view of his wife, Marjory.

Chivambo’s cousin, a member of the Zimbabwe Prison Service, tried to intervene to no avail as he was also assaulted before he fled.

Whatever the outcome of this case, it is obviously that certain people let their emotions get the best of them which ultimately resulted in the loss of a life.

As for the $50 bail for those who got out we have no comment.

Source:The Herald

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