When Sex Becomes A Matter Of Death

There could be something really mysterious happening in Beitbridge if reports in the Herald are to be believed.

The local daily reported that a 24 year old man near Beitbridge recently committed suicide by hanging himself after his wife complained about weak performance on the matrimonial bed. In another incident, a 32-year-old man from Harare committed suicide near Beitbridge after his wife found comfort in the arms of another man and refused to get back with him.

Now death is no laughing matter, but is it not a bit strange that these suicides all happened in Beitbridge around the same time and were both compelled by things of a sexual nature. It is not clear whether the men killed themselves because they were accused of not doing it right or not being able to do it at all.

Every African man takes their sexual performance seriously but suicide never solved anything and killing yourself because of anything to do with your genitals is dumb. After all there are about 100 million men with erectile dysfunction around the world. That’s a lot of men having problems with their manhood if the all decided to kill themselves it would be epidemic.

Someone should have told these men about Viagra.