Severe Flu Virus Claims Two More Lives

Two people in Bulawayo have died from the severe influenza virus that has affected people in Zimbabwe this winter.

The deaths were reported in the local government rag, The Chronicle. Last week one death was confirmed in Mutare, with 400,000 people said to have been infected nationwide. It is said the flu is so severe that those who succumb to it are dead within hours of catching it.

People infected by the virus complained of developing chest pains, a fever, a severe headache and lost appetite at the same time.

However it is said officials were unable to confirm or deny these days with Ministry of Health and Child Welfare  Head of Eidemiology and Disease Control  Dr Portia Manangazira, saying only the Mutare death was on her books.

She did say that this flu season had been characterised by a more intense strain but she would not commit to saying whether it meant that there was a serious outbreak.

All she said was people should stay warm and drink loads of liquids.

You can’t say the public is not worried though if two more deaths are confirmed from the virus. Also, with Zimbabweans notoriously known for not visiting the hospital until it is horribly late – or never – there could be a few other deaths unreported.