Senator Advocates For Prisoners’ Sexual Rights

The Herald reports that Senator Sithembile Mlotshwa (MDC-T) says prisoners can go without food and clothing as long as they satisfy their sexual needs. We know a few people who will agree with this concept.

The Matobo senator also urged the Government to forgo clothes and food and provide “sex gadgets” in prisons to curb homosexuality. Although this really sounds like a Saturday afternoon kitchen tea-party joke she actually made the remarks when the Justice and Legal Affairs Ministry officials appeared before the Parliamentary Thematic Committee on Gender and Development on Monday.

She however raises a pertinent point regarding prisoner’s health. The prevalence of HIV and AIDS in prisons and it is common knowledge that homosexuality is rife within the prison system. These issues present a moral and to some extent political dilemma to prison bosses in Zimbabwe.

Apart from the complex issues surrounding homosexuality a solution would be to allow prisoners to have conjugal visits. These sexual visits might help reduce the spread of diseases. Conjugal visits are scheduled extended visits during which inmates are permitted to spend several hours or days in private, with a legal spouse.

At this point the proposals made by the good senator are best described as wishful thinking given the fact that the prison services cannot pay for its fumigation bill.

  • Mr_popular

    This is crazy stuff, the real gov controlling things is not even able to to sustain the current population let alone other services like those rights men men dream of in the joint. It is a noble idea but implementing it is far fetched or near very impossible!

    • There is absolutely nothing wrong with starting the conversation though. Implementation may not begin now but at least the conversation has begun.

      • Mr_popular

        that is good, now lets see if the legislation will come though .