School Bullying Claims Life Of Student

A 16 year-old Form 1 student who allegedly headbutted a Form 3 student causing his death has been charged with murder.

This all happened after bullying ended in a fistfight claiming the life of Tinotenda Dube(16).

According to The Herald, it all started with the late Dube making fun of the way the Form 1 student walked. The Form1 student then hurled insults back. Dube then said he would settle the matter after school.

After a game of social soccer, Dube then went at the Form 1 student again and then taunted him, saying he was a better fighter than him. After the first scuffle was broken up, Dube went after the Form 1 boy again with a barrage of blows, to which the latter reacted with a heavy head butt. Dube started bleeding and later died while still at the grounds.

The sad story highlights the prevalence of school bullying which doesn’t necessarily result in fatalities but leaves kids scarred. We remember instances in which there was a lot of taunting by older kids and the excuse being that this was meant to toughen up the younger kids. While one can understand that some of this could be done in good nature there are instances when it is demeaning and results in loss of self-esteem and in this case an unfortunate loss of life.

In this instance, it seemed as if very little was done to protect the Form 1 student and that is the case in general. Often school authorities turn a blind eye to bullying and it is hard to imagine that no authority knew that there was something going on. The insults started in the morning and the score was scheduled for after school.  A student could have told a teacher something.

Sure the bully has ended up dead but is anyone looking at the effect that this has had on the Form 1 student who unless he was taunted was not likely to have hit Dube.

We think it is time that the authorities started taking bullying seriously.

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