Is Sadza Faced With Extinction?

The other day we got a call from a female friend of ours who invited us for dinner. She asked us what dish we preferred to have and we opted for Sadza.

When we got to her house we dived straight into the main meal. It however, did not take long for us to realise something was not right about the sadza.

It was lumpy (very lumpy) cold and the porridge-like. It really tasted like an experiment had gone terribly wrong.

To our surprise our friend was visibly enjoying her sadza. We on the other-hand just soldiered on.

This episode albeit just one instance, got us thinking if sadza could one day face the danger of extinction?

Is it possible that our national dish could one day be a thing of the past? Is it possible that one day no one would know how to prepare sadza properly?

As far fetched as it may sound, certain foods and recipes have indeed become extinct. If you think we are lying just think of all the good food and recipes that your grandmother used to prepare that you have not eaten in ages.

As much as we love it, sadza does take time to prepare, (up to 30mins depending on size of pot) With the busy lives that people have these days, people may end up opting for foods that take faster to prepare or food that can be prepared days in advance but still taste good.

In urban areas some take-away’s sell sadza but there are certainly a whole lot fast-food shops popping up that serve french fries, pizza and deep fried chicken (all less healthy options by the way).

Food is such an important part of a people’s culture so much that in some countries there are a number of dedicated activists who safeguard their traditional foods.

We think Zimbabweans must do all we can to preserve our culinary traditions.

Do you think we do enough to preserve our traditional foods?

Watch the video below to see how sadza is prepared-

If video is not playing click link here

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