SA Top Court Pretty Much Legalises Adultery

South Africa’s constitutional court has said that adultery is not something that should fall under law.

Stop adultery - fear hell!
Stop adultery – fear hell!bering / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

Much like Zimbabwe, a spouse of a person who cheated could claim damages as compensation through the courts.

Now SA says that marriage is based on two willing parties and that courts getting involved in the private affairs of citizens was no longer right in this day and age.

So while morally wrongly in society¬†courts did not see it as ‘legally unacceptable’ for adultery to take place.

The court said ‘love and respect’ are not legal rules which we suppose makes it hard to have legal jurisdiction on something that emotive.

About the alternative we are not sure. After all, we have instances where many people take extra-judicial means to dealing with issues of this nature.

Could we end up seeing private citizens taking matters into their own hands when cheated on because the law said it was none of its business?