SA Man Turns Tombstone Into Home

A Soweto man has made the bold decision to turn a tombstone at the Doornkop cemetery into his home.

Linda Ntabadzi 32 of Zola, was discovered by a family who had gone to the cemetery on Easter Monday to clean their late family member’s grave. They were horrified to find a man resting comfortably in the cemetery.

The Sowetanlive reports that Ntabadzi even uses some of the flowerpots normally left on the graves as part of the decor for his “home”.

It is said Ntabadzi, normally disappears during the day, leaving his possessions lying around. He returns in the evening to sleep.

His cousin Lucky Ntabadzi said Linda was a troublesome man with a serious addiction to dagga.

Ntabadzi used to be a street hawker but everything went wrong when he started smoking dagga.

We strongly urge people not to take any substances that alter their thinking especially if it makes you do weird things.