SA HIV+ Dating Site Gains Popularity

A dating website targeted at people living with HIV is gaining popularity in South Africa.

Positive Connection which was launched in 2003 is providing HIV positive people with a shot at finding a partner.

Ben Sassman said unlike ‘normal’ dating websites which did not ask people to disclose their status, “”with The Positive Connection, all the members are in the same health boat, and disclosing is not necessary”.

The site is only for people who are HIV+. Negative people cannot sign up as there is a real risk of infection.

Sassman intends to keep the site free forever but intends to expand its traffic to the rest of the continent.

For a continent that is ravaged by the condition this will come as a welcome development as it is allows people to continue living a normal life. While critics might suggest that this could increase stigma because it creates a separation from everybody else but we think because of the level of discretion involved in the site it provides a safe haven for people to talk to individuals who fully understand them. Or can at least understand them on a level.